You'll Soon Get Another Chance to Cop the Uniqlo x Lemaire Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

The highly coveted Uniqlo x Lemaire collaboration will get restocked for the holiday season.

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The industry collectively gushed when it first got word that Japanese brand Uniqlo was joining forces with French label Lemaire.

Insanely luxe designs at insanely low price points? Yes, please.

So it was no surprise that when the collaboration dropped last week, the range of products sold out fast. It was great news for Uniqlo and Lemaire, but disappointing for those who didn't get a chance to cop any of the pieces. That disappointment was somewhat alleviated when we heard the names would reunite for another collection. But it wouldn’t be released until Spring/Summer 2016.

Well, we have some good news for those who can’t wait another five to six months. According to WWD, the Uniqlo x Lemaire Fall/Winter 2015 collection will return for the upcoming holiday season.

"It was a global phenomenon," Uniqlo merchandising director Justin Kerr told WWD. "We were all very excited and wanted to see, ‘How do we keep the momentum going not only with the next collection but also chasing the fall collection as we move into the holidays?' That was something we wanted to achieve very quickly and Uniqlo's fantastic operation allows us to have that flexibility."

So get ready, guys. Now that you know how highly coveted the collection is, you have more time to prepare. 

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