These Boxers Were Designed to Conceal Your Spontaneous Boners

There are now boxers designed to hide your boners.

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Spontaneous boners can be embarrassing as hell. But thanks to a new invention called Bloxers, those random bouts of excitement are no longer as awkward.

The design is basically a pair of boxers that come with “deflector shield” over the crotch. That “shield” will essentially conceal your erection so you can go on about your business without enduring the shaming laughs from others.

Available in small, medium, and large, Bloxers offer three versions of the design to accommodate different guys: There’s a shield designed for those who swing to the left, one for those who swing to the right, and another for those somewhere in between,

As of now, Bloxers aren’t on the market; however there is a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to help bring this amazing invention to the masses.  

Check out the promo video for the design above. If you’re convinced the world needs these, you can donate to the cause here. Twenty-five percent of the donations will go toward prostate cancer research.

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