Make Sure Your Sock Game Is on Lock With These Dope Designs by Necessary Anywhere (N/A)

Necessary Anywhere (N/A) presents its 1A Project sock collection.

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If you want to ensure your outfit is on point, then you must invest in some quality socks. The last thing you want is to fuck up your carefully thought-out ensemble with a pair of dingy struggle joints you bought in bulk. You want something that will standout without being cartoonish, something that is classic but not necessarily basic, and something that is quality but not overpriced. Enter Necessary Anywhere (N/A), a New York-based conceptual brand that is offering its first sock collection titled Project 1A.

Comprised of six different styles, this sock range features some of the designers’ favorite knits. You have intarsia, jacquard, and double-needle knitting among an assortment of gray, black, and white color combinations. The understated color scheme, classic patterns, and next-level textures give off a simple yet youthful vibe that is sure to satisfy a wide range of tastes. The socks also come in a variation of lengths to ensure you’re covered for almost any occasion, be it formal, casual or something in between.

Check out some of the socks in the images below. To see the full range, go to N/A’s online store where you can pick up these essentials starting at $12 a pop.





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