Muji Has Just Slashed the Prices on Over 600 Items in U.S. Stores

Japanese brand Muji is premanently cutting prices on one in four household items.

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Just when you thought Muji couldn’t get any better, the Japanese retailer announced it’s slashing the prices on over 600 items in U.S. stores. And the reductions are permanent.

Beginning this week, U.S. customers will notice that one in four products will be slightly cheaper. No, it’s not for a promotion or because the company is going under; it’s because the brand has always adhered to the philosophy of "zutto yoi ne," which translates to "always good prices."

Practical items like cleaning brushes and porcelain bowls have gone from $5.50 to $5; a six-drawer desk case has gone from $39.50 to $30; a handheld paper shredder went from $11.95 to $7.50; and floor chairs have gone from $34.95 to $30.

You can check out some of the offerings in the images below, and shop all reduced products at Muji’s online store


High quality smooth paper notebook: $4.75 $3.50


Large cork board: $16.75 $16.00


Colored pencils: $5.75 $5


Turkish organic cotton face towel: $9.75 $8


Metro card case: $3.25 $3


Nylon travel case: $24.25 $20


Document case: $7.95 $7


Lacquer Soup Bowl: $8.50 $8


Ketak coasters: $6.25 $6

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