Kendall Jenner's Huge Calvin Klein Ad Was Vandalized by a Drone

Artist KATSU vandalizes a six-story high billboard featuring Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein ad.

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Kendall Jenner has something on her humongous face.

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, multi-media artist KATSU successfully vandalized a billboard that featured the model’s recent Calvin Klein ad. And regardless of your opinion on Kendall, you have to admit this was an impressive stunt.

You see, the billboard, which is located on Lafayette and East Houston St., stands six stories high and is considered one of the most-viewed ad spaces in NYC—making it nearly impossible to fuck with. But KATSU had something special up his sleeve: a tricked-out drone he designed to spray paint large-scale structures.

We first got a glimpse of this technology a little over a year ago, when KATSU showed off the device at an art and technology exhibition at Silicon Valley Contemporary. At the time, he said he was only using it to spray paint canvases, but reassured everyone he would eventually take it to the streets to illegally tag areas that were deemed unaccessible. And, clearly, he kept his word.

“It turned out surprisingly well,” KATSU told Wired. “It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism […] It was a bit tense.”

You can check out the video below to see the drone in action. 


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