John Elliott + Co Announces It Will Change Its Name Next Month

John Elliott + Co will change its corporate name starting next month. But the change is very minimal.

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As demonstrated in his collections of cozy-boy gear, John Elliott likes to keep things simple. So it makes sense that the American designer would decide to change his brand’s corporate name to something a bit more concise; however, fans shouldn't get too worried: The modification, just like Elliott’s aesthetic, is pretty minimal.

According to WWD, the brand will drop the + Co. from its name starting next month. The decision was made after NYFW: Men’s in July when Bergdorf Goodman simply referred to the brand as “John Elliott” in its window display.

“We collectively realized we should drop the ‘+ Co.’,” Elliott told WWD. “It really was a mouthful.”

In the next couple of weeks, everything from the apparel tags to the website graphics will only read “John Elliott.”

“After our last show, we opened 12 accounts and the list is better than anything we could have imagined,” Elliott explained to WWD. “So we knew if we were going to pull the trigger on the name change, this was the season.”

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