Instagram Announces a New Feature That Allows Users to Shop Directly From the App

Instagram rolls out shoppable ads.

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On Tuesday, Instagram launched a new “Shop Now” feature that allows its 300 million-plus users to purchase advertisers’ products directly through the photo-sharing app. The announcement came soon after Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom received the 2015 CFDA Media Award.

According to Adweek, the new feature utilizes Facebook technology that allows sponsors to target users based on more than just their age and gender.

“We have benefitted greatly from being a part of Facebook," James Quarles, Instagram's global head of business and brand development, told Adweek. "It would have taken us years to build this tech stack for ourselves. So, we're fortunate to be able to take select pieces of Facebook's tech stack."

Though the exact process of this “Shop Now” feature is a little fuzzy, it’s clear this is the right move for Instagram, which has become the app of choice among the fashion sect. You see, while some brands pay individual bloggers to post images of their products, there’s no way for other users to purchase the featured items without having to do some digging. However, with the “Shop Now” button, each brand that pays advertising fees to Instagram will soon be able to sell its inventory with a simple button located beneath picture.

Now you can roll your eyes all you want at the thought of more advertisements, but this new feature not only benefits the sponsors, it also benefits you. How so? Convenience. Plain and simple.

And if you’re on Pintrest, it won’t be long before you see a similar feature called the “Buy It” button.

Let’s just hope we see some killer brands get in on the action.



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