Engineered Garments Just Dropped a Sneak Peek at Its Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2016 collection by Engineered Garments.

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The Four-Pins crew was recently blessed with an exclusive preview of Engineered Garments’ Spring/Summer 2016 collection. And it’s exactly what you would expect from the Japanese-based brand.

Though there are only a handful of images available, it’s clear that EG isn’t straying too far from its beaten path. You see, the workwear influences are still very much present; however, they’re balanced out by select elements from other genres. There’s an unstructured suit, a pair of cargo shorts, and a polka-dot apron presented in the preview, as well as patterned button-ups, striped trousers, and a white hooded piece. It’s workwear, menswear, and sportswear-inspired pieces all in one in collection, but the range seems to maintain cohesion through relaxed silhouettes and understated colors.

Take a look at the preview shots below, and be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the lookbook later this year. 


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