Donatella Versace Opens Up About Her Late Brother and Being the Newest Face of Givenchy

Donatella Versace sits down for an in-depth interview following the news of her new Givenchy campaign.

Earlier this week, Riccardo Tisci revealed the newest face of Givenchy: it was none other than his fellow designer and inspiration source, Donatella Versace.

Following the news, Versace visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an interview with former CNN host Alina Cho. In front of a large audience of students and fashion buffs, the two discussed everything from the upcoming Met Gala to her personal style to her design aesthetic. But one of the most interesting parts of the interview was when she dished about becoming the latest campaign star for Givenchy.

“Riccardo said, 'I'm afraid to ask you, I know you're going to say no, but would you accept to be the face of Givenchy?'" Versace said during the interview, as reported by Fashionista. "In fashion you have to break rules […] We did a bold and brave statement together."

It was definitely a bold move, but not entirely shocking. The two designers, though competitive, have had a long-standing relationship with one another, and have been known to push the envelope in their respective fashion houses. It’s the kind of fearlessness that obviously runs in the Versace family.

Later on in the interview, Cho got a bit more personal with Versace, asking about her final moments with her brother Gianni—the label’s founder who was also known for taking risks.

“[The Ritz in Paris is] where I saw [my late brother] Gianni for the last time," Versace said. "Gianni left the [haute couture] show to go to Miami, I kissed him and hugged him and [said], 'I'll see you in two days […] We were supposed to vacation together."

The interview definitely seemed to be a rollercoaster of emotions, but it gave some deep insight to the famed designer’s life. To read more highlights from the Q&A, including upcoming projects for Versace, head over to Fashionista’s website

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