You Can Now Customize Your Very Own Burberry Scarf

Burberry has just launched the Scarf Bar, giving customers the chance to personalize their own cashmere scarf.

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The Burberry scarf is one of the most iconic accessories offered by the British luxury label—rocked by everyone from Kanye West to Wale to Lil Wayne. The tan “House Check” tartan pattern is easily its most popular and recognizable scarf variation; however, Burberry’s offerings have always been much more expansive. And for Fall/Winter 2015, the amount of options are even greater.

This week, the label rolled out the Burberry Scarf Bar, giving customers the opportunity to personalize their own cashmere scarf among the 30-plus colorways and patterns available. And when you factor in font size and the selection of thread for the three-letter monograms, customers have over 7,000 options to pick from. So you can bet you’ll be walking around with a piece unlike anyone else's.

The Burberry Scarf Bar has launched in stores as well as online. In celebration of the launch, the label has released a short film that highlights the top-tier craftsmanship that goes into these fall/winter staples.

You can check out the video above. 

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