Blackfist Debuts Its New Video Lookbook on PornHub

NSFW: Blackfist releases its "Hurt So Good" lookbook video on PornHub.

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PornHub is really flexing its fashion muscle this year.

Not only is the adult entertainment site peddling its own batch of clothing designs, it has also joined forces with Blackfist for a special, and extremely unexpected, collaborative project.

Earlier today, PornHub debuted the video lookbook for Blackfist’s sophomore collection, “Hurts So Good.” And, unsurprisingly, there’s a good amount of raunch and debauchery throughout. (Spoiler alert: If you have a problem with male nudity, you might want to take caution.) 

“Here at PornHub we remain steadfast in fostering creativity and giving talented individuals a platform,” PornHub vice president Corey Price said in a press release. “We embrace Blackfist’s entire approach to fashion and see something inherently unique in Bradley's [Soileau] vision for fringe aggression and subversive attitude toward what’s considered mainstream. He is a talent we look forward to promoting on our site and hope to bring his message to the masses as we move forward.”

You can check out the "Hurts So Good" collection in the video lookbook above. But we must warn you again, the content is NSFW.

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