A$AP Bari Dishes on Fashion and the Worst-Dressed Member of A$AP Mob

A$AP Bari talks about fashion and inspiration in a rare interview with "CLOT."

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When you're part of a notable crew like A$AP Mob, it’s important your style game is on lock. Thankfully, founding member A$AP Bari is one of the most stylish dudes in the industry—taking his distinct personal taste and sharing it with the world through his cult favorite brand VLONE.

After one year since he debuted his line, CLOT caught up with the designer for a rare, in-depth interview. In the piece, Bari discusses his style inspirations, how growing up in Harlem influenced his taste, and his experiences at Paris Fashion Week. He also dishes on which A$AP Mob members are the best- and worst-dressed.

Check out highlights from the interview below. You can read the full Q&A piece at CLOT’s website.

On his biggest fashion inspirations:

"I’m inspired by a whole bunch of things. Countries, traveling, opening my mind with new fashion. I came from the streets. I came from Harlem. Kids where I’m from don’t even know where Hong Kong is. So I’m just out here trying to spread the knowledge and absorb everything that’s going on right now – fashion, music, lifestyle.

"Everyday by posting on Instagram, Vine and Tumblr, I’m exploring my lifestyle, which is VLONE – Live Alone, Die Alone you feel me. It doesn’t matter if you were born in this world with a twin or not, you’re going to die in this world alone.

I’m just trying to open up a new culture for the kids to know that it doesn’t matter about standing on the corner selling drugs — you can really make money out here just living your life."

His thoughts on contemporary culture going forward:

"It’s VLONE. VLONE can be put into any matter. I’m trying to get VLONE in the dictionary. It’s a lifestyle, so if you believe in a lifestyle, you believe in VLONE. It’s something that’s in you. Me designing clothes wasn’t just me looking at people and looking at blogs. It started with me on my own. I wake up and I don’t plan what I want to wear or what I want to do today. I just do it, you know.

"I’m a day by day person. It can be dangerous at times too but that’s just the life I live – It’s up and down."

On whether or not he considers himself the best-dressed A$AP Mob member:

"Hell yea."

On whether or not he gives out fashion tips to the crew:

"We all doing our own thing. It’s kind of a disrespect for somebody to be telling you what to wear. My favorite person’s style in A$AP would have to be A$AP Twelvy. I like how he came from being in the hood and now his style is slowly progressing. He could rock a pair of LeBrons with an Acne jean jacket or vans and still keep that hood effect. A$AP Nast is more like a sportswear/high fashion guy so he can rock some Rick Owens cargo pants or some New Balance or some shit like that."

On who he considers the worst-dressed A$AP Mob member:

"The worst dresser in A$AP would probably be… Rocky. That nigga wears Desert Boots and shit like that. 2010-11 I was rocking them desert boots. I like the old rocky; I like sneaker rocky. I always told him that shit too."




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