Abraham Lincoln Owned a Very Trill Pair of Size 14 Goat Slippers

A learning center in Washington, D.C., will display a pair of Abraham Lincoln's size 14 goat slippers.

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Abraham Lincoln presided over the Civil War, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and delivered the speech to end all speeches. But you may be unaware that Honest Abe was also a low-key stunna who appreciated sick footwear.

This summer, a pair of size 14 goat slippers owned by Lincoln will be on display at the President Lincoln Cottage learning center in Washington, D.C., where visitors can learn about the untold stories of the president’s life. And maybe learn a thing or two about the importance of slipper swag.

Soon after Lincoln’s assassination, the shoes were given to artifact collector President Rutherford B. Hayes by Alex Williamson, who was tutor for Lincoln’s sons. Attached with the gift was a note that read: "Sir, Please accept the accompanying slippers. They were worn by the late President Lincoln up to the day of his murder." 

To learn more about the slippers, check out the President Lincoln Cottage website. And if you're looking to get presidential with your cozy footwear, peep this option from Levi's Red.

[via Neatorama]

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