Kyle Kuzma Links With Teyana Taylor for First Tunnel Fit of NBA Season

The Wizards star scored a team-high 25 points in his team's season opener after pulling up in an Amiri fit.

Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma collaborated with Teyana Taylor on his first tunnel look prior to the Washington Wizards' season opener against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday.

Prior to unveiling the fit, Kuzma and Taylor held extensive creative sessions over FaceTime and met for in-person for fittings. The two eventually decided on the work of their mutual friend Mike Amiri from the Amiri fall 2023 menswear collection.

"It was an absolute honor to collaborate with Teyana on this tunnel look as I’ve always respected her style and influence on pop culture," Kuzma of Taylor and their close creative partnership in a statement. "We both share a love of taking risks and thinking outside of the box in fashion, so combining our creative energies and artistic visions to build out this moment with the Amiri team was an extraordinary experience."

Taylor also spoke highly of the Wizards star, praising him as a "new era of athletes who understand how the harness the power of fashion for personal expression." The multihyphenate said their collaboration is a "celebration of individuality, and shows how fashion and creativity can transcend industries to create impactful cultural moments."

Deion Sanders once said, "If you look good, you feel good, you feel good, you play good." Kuzma embodied that adage tonight, leading the Wizards in scoring with 25 points.

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