No One Is Even Reading This, Let's Be Honest

These gems are just spilling out into the ether

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I fucking love Wtaps. I really do. I want this red sweatshirt a lot. It’s only 165 dollars so I don’t know why I just don’t pull the trigger. OH YEAH THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF THE JOB THAT PAID ME A LITTLE BIT OF MONEY TO BUY JAWNS. No one is probably even reading this. I’m just typing these gems out only for them to be spilled into the empty ether. But I will persist like the band in the Titanic, or Lawrence on the Four Pins’ twitter account. I like this sweatshirt because I like the color red. I also really like the graphics. That looks like a GPS coordinate to me on the back, which I find very dope. I’m currently feeding a ‘90s and early ‘00s era outdoor gear addiction and this 2016 sweatshirt is falling into that wheelhouse nicely. Catch me out here wearing this and some pants that zip off into shorts and some Nike swim shoes in your Whole Foods, holding court just in front of the pizza oven, impressing hot Lululemon moms with my knowledge of power fruits and anecdotes about my time on the Appalachian Trail. 

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