Self Edge And Que Pasa Shop Team Up For Insane Warehouse Sale

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If you don't know, this Friday is the big Self Edge online warehouse sale at Que Pasa Shop. I think it's also a holiday in which dudes dress like velociraptors and girls dress in ways that make us feel bad about the society we live in while simultaneously giving us boners. Anyways, you don't do any work on Fridays anyway, especially not at 10am. So just head over to Que Pasa Shop tomorrow morning and check out the insano deals available to you. The only problem with shopping at the office is you have to explain to your co-worker that you're using their more modern, faster computer to try and buy a pair of $300 jeans before the resident college kid can power up his Macbook Pro that's supposed to be for graphic design work, but is instead being squandered on terabytes of porn. "COLLEGE KIDS HAVE T-1 LINES. DO U REALIZE HOW FAST THE INTERNET IS ON A T-1 LINE, JULIE? WE HAVE COMCAST XFINITY BUSINESS AKA THIS SHIT IS ALMOST BETTER THAN THOSE MODEMS YOU HAD TO PLUG THE WHOLE PHONE INTO TO WORK. FUCKING RELAX. YOU'LL GET THE COMPUTER BACK WHEN I GET MY ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PRESENTATION TODAY. IT'S FRIDAY AND IT'S HALLOWEEN. OUR RECEPTIONIST IS DRESSED LIKE A FUCKING BUMBLEBEE."

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