Robert Geller Proves He's Everyone's Best Friend With This Long Plaid Shirt

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FUCK YEAH ROBERT GELLER. If I was always hanging out in Robert Geller's studio like his best friend should be, every time I waltzed into the studio I'd be like, "What up though, my G?" And his assistants would be like, "Is he gonna talk like this the whole time he's here?" But I won't notice their disdain because I'd be too busy touching all the new designs and picking at buttons and zippers and stuff saying "amazing" in hushed and reverent tones. Also, I'd bring the dopest pastries for the whole team and everyone would be like, "Damn, he's not so bad after all." But then I'd get powdered sugar or caramelized peaches on one of the new patterns and Robert will have to be like, "Oh, um, you know what, Jon? We're having a sales meeting in, like, 5. Can you come back tomorrow?" Hopefully I'd get the hint. Uh, right, the entire point of this was to let you know I really like this long ass plaid.

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