Rap Hands And Robert Geller

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This bomber jacket from Robert Geller is pretty great. I mean, it's got a big ass hood lined with Shearling trim. So, when it gets super cold out, you can pull this hood up and bask in the relative warmth the Shearling provides and the isolation that the tunnel hood affords. Last time I wore a big ass snorkel hood like this, I zoned out because I couldn't see any other human beings in my peripheral vision and I made rap hands while riding the subway. I WAS THAT GUY ON THE SUBWAY. But I was warm and didn't realize other humans were witnessing my egregious gesticulation due to the aforementioned hood. I wouldn't recommend throwing rap hands while wearing this Robert Geller bomber, but if you were going to do so anyway, this is probably one of the best bombers you could embarrass yourself in.

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