Show Off Your Rugged Ass Charm With This Robert Geller Coat

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This Robert Geller B3 coat is the shit. The high collar with all those straps is very international assassin and I like it. I fuck with shearling collars fairly heavily despite this one anecdote from my life. Wanna hear it? If not, you have, like, eleven more words to click on something else before I start. Back in college I was dating this girl and I bought this denim jacket with a shearling collar and I was all ready to sweep her off her feet with my rugged ass charm when she was like, "Nice jacket. There's just this weird thing I have about shearling little brother had a jacket kind of like yours and he'd always rub his snotty nose on it and it was fucking disgusting by the end of the winter, so they kind of gross me out." I threw that coat in a fire so fucking quick because if you don't let a girl you're trying to have sex with's childhood memories affect your personal style, you aren't really a human being, are you?

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