Is It Dumb To Buy An American Sweatshirt From A British Website?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't

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If you know me you know I love telling you guys to buy a Polo sweatshirt from an English store because the internet is dumb and fantastic at the same time. This one is dope because it comes in an interesting shade of green. I was gonna say it’s Kelly green but evidently this is Kerry green. I had a Kelly green polo sweater in high school and I thought I looked fucking amazing in that thing. I think if I were to fictionalize my time in high school for a screenplay, the character loosely based on me would wear this sweatshirt instead of the Kelly green sweater, but the overall effect would be the same. I remember I wore it to a basketball game and this girl that was like, sponsored by the dELiA*s catalog was there and she had the dopest platform sneakers on and she was so cool you guys. She was like, “wanna loop around outer drive while we hit this chillum?” I didn’t even know what a chillum was but I was like “fuck yeah this girl looks like dELiA herself.” But when we got to the parking lot to get in her friend’s Pontiac Sunfire, I noticed that my buddy’s car had been put on blocks. All four tires got stolen in like, 25 minutes. I’d like to say I debated about going right back in and letting him know and looping around outer drive first. But it wasn’t like his car was going anywhere. LMAOOOOOO Anyways we got back and someone else had noticed and told him and he asked me to wait for the police with him and I was all paranoid and just kept saying, “In a high school parking lot, who woulda thought?" eighteen times while the officer took his statement. 

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