Mister Freedom Includes Racist Asian Caricature In Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

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A BIG FUCK YOU TO MISTER FREEDOM FOR THIS FUFU RACIST SHIT. In his latest S/S 15 collection, entitled "Saigon Cowboy" and clearly inspired by the Vietnam War, there appears to be a jacket with a completely fucking racist Asian caricature front and center on the garment. Like, what the fuck, homie? I know you're trying to be historically accurate and you don't want to censor history, but this is super expensive clothing for dudes who have way too much disposable income, not a classroom reading of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We can't let this shit pass. IT IS NOT COOL. I'm not trying to say that Christophe Loiron is a flat out racist himself, but he even signed the Tumblr post previewing the collection "Love, Charly." REALLY, MY GUY? IS CHARLY A NICKNAME FOR CHRISTOPHE THAT I AM UNAWARE OF OR ARE YOU JUST REALLY TRYING TO GET ME INCENSED ON A FUCKING FRIDAY? Damn, I'm a big fan of a lot of what Mister Freedom does too. This is like the first and five hundredth time I heard one of my favorite rappers describe someone as having "chink eyes" after hitting the loud. I don't even know how to respond except with caps lock and swear words. If any of you buy this jacket just know that I hate you.

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