Julien David Teams Up With Quiksilver On The Classiest Wetsuit Of All Time

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IF IT AIN'T A TUXEDO WETSUIT, DON'T RAISE IT UP. The Julien David Quiksilver collabo drops in January, but we had to show you guys the strongest black tie wetsuit out. If you're a secret agent or just the classiest guy with a medical marijuana license and a surfboard, you should probably do everything in your power to own this wetsuit. Or maybe you're just an independently wealthy guy who's a dive instructor in his free time because you've got it like that. Though, I'm not all that down with things like scuba diving because we physically aren't supposed to be that deep under water. Like, we were explicitly NOT built for shit like that. I feel like I'd constantly be trying to breathe through my nose, therefore rendering my scuba gear completely useless and me dead. Also, sharks and stingrays and electric eels and monster clams and giant squids and enemy secret agents with harpoon guns.

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