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I'm a big fan of quarterly magazines because you only have to pay for them four times a year. I never have subscriptions because I never have all the money up front. Magazines make me pay by the product, like a suspicious wholesale drug dealer. Anyways, this quarterly magazine is called Jocks & Nerds. I bet all of us pretend like we were nerdy jocks or something. Like, we all think we're the cool guy in the frat that is super welcoming and non-threatening. I totally thought I was a cool lax bro, one who dressed better than everyone else and was friends with the artsy kids and still knew how to kickflip and I'd show up to away games wearing Hook Ups cargo pants and shit. I also thought I was the cool nerd, who stressed about the PSATs, but still knew how to kickflip and shit. Obviously, kickflips were something I was very proud of. OH SHIT, I JUST REALIZED I HALF-ASSED ALL MY SOCIAL INTERACTIONS IN ATTEMPT TO BE SOME SORT OF SOCIAL RENAISSANCE MAN.

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