Jingle And Jangle In Style


North Sea Clothing’s motto is “Whatever Weather,” so I guess this leather carabiner will survive pretty much whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, while being just a little bit sassy. And that’s good because having a legit keychain situation is one of the more overlooked style points out there. You can’t have your keys on some bullshit simp ring. WHAT IS THIS? THE MIDDLE AGES? No way bro, the keys to your estate need to jingle and jangle in style. Your Japanese denim loathes it when you slide that lacrosse lanyard in your pocket like you’re still a senior in high school. The bow shackle and hook are made with marine grade 316 stainless steel and the leather is vegetable tanned a nice shade of blue. There's even free shipping to the US because, duh, we're the best.


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