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YO SON, IS THIS A TALKBOY FOR YOUR IPHONE?!?! IF IT IS I WILL PAY A MILLION DOLLARS TO BE LIKE KEVIN MCALLISTER. Damn it, I really need to start reading product descriptions before I get gear erections. This completely useless iPhone accessory converts cassettes to MP3s directly onto your phone. BECAUSE IF YOU’RE ROCKING AN iPHONE YOU CLEARLY STILL HAVE TONS OF CASSETTES FROM 1989 JUST BEGGING TO BE LISTENED TO AGAIN. Seriously, didn’t most of us fuck with CDs? I’m 30 and I barely ever used cassettes. Plus, instead of converting all those stupid mixtapes you made as a vigrin, just illegally download the songs again and save yourself the 80 bucks. Shout out to Hammacher Schlemmer for letting me know that rich bastards still buy stupid shit.


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