Cocaine Chic

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Now, I'm not gonna endorse you dudes start bumping powdery moguls up your nasal because that shit is a destructive habit that has ruined many a good life, but I am gonna endorse co-opting that sub-culture for the sake of fashion. Remember in the '90s when heroin chic was all the rage? Well, maybe in the late 2000s, cocaine chic will be all the rage. Who knows? Hopefully Tommy Ton won't have to snap pictures of everyone dressed like Tyrone Biggums. But if you are the type to shneef some yay at the club, please do it discreetly and quietly. Don't try and peer pressure your smarter friends into doing drugs with you to assuage your guilt and embarrassment. Just go into the bathroom, pull out your Mister Peanut cocaine pendant and ruin your septum by yourself. Also, while you're at it, just stay in the bathroom stall for like 45 minutes, so you don't spend an hour talking to your friends really quickly about how amazing you feel and how next month you're gonna really start working on yourself. Ain't nobody go time for that.

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