Just Because This Cav Empt Pullover Makes Zero Sense Doesn't Mean It Isn't Dope

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Fuck man, Cav Empt makes some of the best pullovers in the game and this one might be the best of the bunch. That big ass kangaroo pocket, snorkel hood with the high collar, side seam pockets and the crazy, nonsensical graphic on the back all Voltron up to crush all the other pullover jackets on the market. "The objective of desire is the Real in and of itself" is an obtuse ass quote and yes, everyone you know will ask you what it means, but instead of explaining it to them just be like, "What? You missed the class on the Hegelian Dialectic?" Everyone wants to quote Hegel, but no one wants to admit they don't understand a single fucking word that dude ever wrote. If I designed for C.E., the follow up to this jacket would have "My Ronald Reagan's crush Carter," printed on the back because I can understand El-P lyrics way more than this quote.

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