Not Even A Cav Empt Jacket Can Save You From Getting Roasted

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I'm a big fan of this Cav Empt jacket probably because I like all the negative space in the sewn on graphics and also because it's fairly simple and boxy. You can now get it at Revive, one of the best shops in Michigan. Last time I was in the shop, I was with my girlfriend and I was super pumped not because I bought anything, but because they had a few copies of Complex and I could finally show her that yes, I actually have been published on real paper and that people actually send in questions in the hopes that I answer them with sage advice. Only it was the issue containing a question from one of you fucking weirdos about what condoms are the steeziest and she goes, "Like anyone who reads Four Pins has to worry about condoms." ROASTED. BY MY GIRLFRIEND. IN FRONT OF COOL PEOPLE. IN A COOL SHOP. Although, and I'm not sure she realizes this, but the ultimate roast is on her for actually dating me. So jokes on her. Anyhow, buy this coat and enter the code "Get10" and get 10% off your online order. I was gonna say that was an exclusive code the Revive crew gave to me to give to you guys, but it's just a banner on their website right now. Sometimes you guys can't even find the links within these posts, so I just figured I'd let you know here. You're welcome.

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