Complex Obsession: Joe La Puma's Diamond Supply Co. Camo Chinos

Check out why he won't stop wearing his new favorite pants.

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Complex Obsession is our roving column where members of our staff share the one thing that they can't stop wearing. Today, Joe La Puma writes what he's wild about.

Camouflage has been the standout trend of the Complex decade. Whether it's all-over printed hoodies, T-shirts, 5-Panel hats, etc, etc, the camo motif continues to be everywhere. But something brands haven’t got down perfect? The camo pant. That is of course until Diamond Supply Co. dropped its “Military Chino” last week.

Let’s start with the basics: the pants fit better than any other brand’s attempt at camo pants. They’re slim fitting, but not skin-tight, and they’re made of 100 percent cotton which makes for a breathable wear. The best part of the pants is the orange nylon-esque lining which means you can rock these in the summer without sweating your balls off. I’ve been wearing them three times a week, and plan on them staying in the rotation for a while. 

Buy the Diamond Cut Miliary Chino in Camo now for $100.

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