Derek Zoolander and Hansel Just Closed Maison Valentino's Paris Fashion Show

The really, really ridiculously good looking male model is back!

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Moisture. It is the essence of wetness. It is the feeling you receive in your pants when you find out that, after a 14 year hiatus, really, really, ridiculously good looking male model Derek Zoolander has made his triumphant return to the runway. That's right, the recovering non-ambi-turner brought his trademark Blue Steel to Paris Fashion Week, where he closed Maison Valentino's Fall/Winter 2015 show:


UPDATE: Not to be outdone, he was joined on the runway by his frenemy, HANSEL:


Oh snap! *snaps* Total walk-off on our hands! No question here, the real winner is Maison Valentino for bringing us this certified fire fashion moment.



Whether it's promotion for Zoolander 2 or just an awesome exercise in stunt casting, we've really got to hand it to Maison Valentino. Let's all celebrate Hansel and Zoolander's momentous return to the runway by drinking orange mocha frappucinos and having a gasoline fight.


​Welcome back! You two are so hot right now. In the immortal words of Hansel: "This has been an emotional day for all of us. I think we should get naked." Wait, who are these Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson people everyone keeps talking about?

UPDATE: It appears this fashion stunt was also a publicity stunt. Paramount Pictures confirms Zoolander 2 will be released on February 12, 2016. Prepare to ambi-turn... again.

UPDATE: Paramount Pictures has released full footage of Zoolander and Hansel's appearance at the Valentino show. Watch below. 


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