The Latest Mr. Bathing Ape Lookbook Turns Up The Class and Camo

Nigo's fancier collection channels prep, patterns, and plants.

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Nigo's high-end Mr. Bathing Ape collection hasn't been around as long as his streetwear offerings, but it's nevertheless gained a following amongst fans of menswear and BAPE alike. This could be because the line is produced with United Arrows, who hold it down for Japanese menswear in their own right. Mr. Bathing Ape usually takes tropes from the regular BAPE line and infuses them into the world of tailored clothing.

For the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, we see that in a camo sportcoat, complete with functional buttonholes at the sleeves, and accessories like a multi-colored tie incorporating the BAPE Duckhunter camo motif. That isn't to say the more subtle offerings in the line aren't cool either. Nigo's penchant for patterns is exhibited in smart gingham blazers and plaid shirts. [Hypebeast]

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