Cut & Show: Christopher Bastin Cooks Up GANT Rugger's Fall Collection (VIDEO)

Designer Christopher Bastin talks about turning his love for food into wearable clothes.

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A few months ago GANT Rugger presented its foodie-inspired Fall/Winter 2012 collection in a highly appropriate way: dinner at New York's The Fat Radish with the staff and models wearing the clothes. Stemming from designer (and recently-christened GANT Creative Director) Christopher Bastin's love for cooking, GANT Rugger's newest collection draws on the relationship between a dapper restaurant owner and his more utilitarian head chef.

That's why we went behind-the-scenes for our latest installment in our Cut & Show series to bring out how everything went from inspiration to a full-on collection. In addition to elegant suiting and crisp buttondown shirts, pieces like floral-lined M-65 jackets and a selvedge apron add a degree of cheekiness that aligns with Bastin's easygoing personality and knack for knowing when it's time to be serious. Frankly, the clothes are the type of stuff you can wear to work or a weekend party. Bastin addresses the similarities between cooking a great meal and making a quality collection, while chefs from The Fat Radish prep food decked out in the gear. Foodies and menswear nerds, prepare to salivate.

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