Dress Like Drake (or Not) With These Ridiculous Knockoff Doris Burke T-Shirts

Drake's Doris Burke T-shirt is already being replicated and sold pretty much everywhere online.

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At the Raptors third annual "Drake Night" on Wednesday night, the 6 God brought some attention to ESPN's Doris Burke with a hilarious #womancrusheveryday sweatshirt. Not only did the shirt cause a Twitter storm of reactions, but it also inspired some clothing outlets to create knockoff shirts.

One of them, Dabb Apparel, is offering a close replica of the design in a color of your choice while Azcustomshirt is offering a few shades of the 100% cotton design. Meanwhile, Teespring is offering up the design on multiple kinds of shirts including T-shirts, long sleeves, crew sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, scoop neck, and more, so that you can support Doris in any kind of weather.  

Of course, some were quick to point out that Drake's shirt should really read "every day" instead of "everyday":

I hate to be that guy, but “everyday” should be “every day” @Drake https://t.co/YPMQ1kMPmr

That grammatical error hasn't stopped all of the Etsys of the internet from reproducing the shirt just as Drake had it, which makes sense given the instant demand for the shirt following the game.

Need that Drake X Doris Burke #WCE shirt
I basically hate Drake, but I'll definitely cop that shirt.
⚡ Doris Burke is Drake's 'Woman Crush Everyday'https://t.co/12z2Os5aXO
I'd buy that Doris Burke shirt if drake sold it tbh

The knockoff T-shirts are retailing for about $20 everywhere you look, so if you're down to drop a Jackson to look like Drake, now's your chance. It'll probably go well with the newest Drake-inspired Toronto Raptors jacket. Check out some of the knockoffs available now below.

This is a knockoff of Drake's Doris Burke shirt.
This is a knockoff of Drake's Doris Burke shirt.
This is a knockoff of Drake's Doris Burke shirt.
You’ve got a few hours left to buy Drake’s Doris Burke t-shirt. RT @heathradio: @joeovies https://t.co/tXMNeLHJW1

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