Walter Van Beirendonck Sends "Stop Racism" Headdresses Down the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

Applaud this man.

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Walter Van Beirendonck is not afraid to inject his collections and clothing with messages concerned with social justice and change. One of the members of the Antwerp Six, Beirendonck's latest message was a pretty direct and simple directive to a problem that has persisted throughout the fashion industry. Today during his runway show at Paris Fashion Week, the Belgian designer included two feather headdresses that had "STOP RACISM" printed on them in red.

Appropriation of ethnic and cultural stereotypes seemingly rears its ugly head every few months in the fashion industry. Native American-invoked feather headdresses are just one of the numerous pieces that the fashion industry misappropriates and sells back to the consumer, and it seems like Beirendonck is saying enough is enough. Perhaps inspired by the latest from Chanel's over-the-top show in Dallas, a collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld, it's pretty remarkable and awesome that Beirendonck took it upon himself to deliver on a huge platform what should be an obvious ethical directive. 

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