Theophilus London Speaks About Kanye West's adidas Collection and How "It Ain't Ralph, Tho!" Ended up on His Album

"They got a good guy in Kanye. He’s a good designer, he has a good team, and he thinks of culture."

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Theophilus London is a very busy man, with numerous projects up in the air and his album Vibes on its way. However, he found the time to sit down with MTV and give an interview on what it's like working with Karl Lagerfeld (who photographed the cover of the album) and Kanye West.

Since he shares a passion for style with Kanye, London spoke on how Yeezy spends his time participating in the fashion arena, and what he picked up from observing West's habits. To give as an example of how dedicated Ye is, Theophilus says that he "goes through 15,000 images a day, emailing people every five seconds; sending his wife photos of outfits he thinks she might like and, 'Wear your hair back like this.'" 

But it's not a one-way street. London has been contributing his views on West's upcoming adidas collection. According to Theophilus, "[Kanye will] show me something and be like, 'What do you think of this? Should the zipper go here? Should the logo go here?' At the end of the day, he’s going to pick what he wants, but he wants my opinion. He has a whole amazing collection for adidas coming." 

So there you have it. Theophilus has seen the light and believes that big things are coming. He then expounds on how Yeezy is a truly gifted designer that is bringing his talents to adidas, and, according to him, they better not forget it. "All these other people that do adidas are a joke," London continues. "It kind of makes me question adidas. They got a good guy in Kanye. He’s a good designer, he has a good team, and he thinks of culture. It’s all about themes."

Head over to read the full interview, in which Theophilus speaks more about the process of putting together a track with Kanye West, and working with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld.

[via MTV]

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