The Olsen Twins and Damien Hirst Create $55,000 Bag

Hopefully your girl doesn't want this for the holidays.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have partnered on a capsule collection of 9 bags with artist DamienHirst for their brand The Row. Hirst has applied artistic motifs that he's used in the past to the luxurious alligator leather styles that The Row has become known for. Both Hirst's spot paintings and medicine cabinet themes have returned in this collaboration that benefits UNICEF.

And something that you might remember about The Row? Last season's $39,000 price tag on a backpack that sold out. Well now the Olsens have upped the ante, and if you happen to have an extra $55,000 laying around, head on over to cop the bag you better hope your girlfriend isn't wishing for this holiday season. Didn't one of the Olsens have a drug problem? Is Hirst trolling them? Are we being trolled with this price tag?

[via MTV]

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