Rick Owens Sends Angry Amateur Models Down the Paris Fashion Week Runway

Did he just commit the most epic troll of Paris fashion week ever?

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We all know Rick Owens is a weirdo, and that's kind of why we love him. He's done some crazy stuff before, but his latest move might just be his greatest yet. While showing his spring/summer 2014 women's collection during Paris Fashion Week, Rick Owens sent very angry models down the runway who were an extreme deviation from the typical models one sees on the runway. Traditionally, stick-thing runway models like they're kind of annoyed to be there. These women looked pissed off as fuck. 

In garb that was typically Rick, in that it was drapey, complicated, and will be very expensive once it hits shelves, women who were neither underage nor waify stormed down the runway with maniacal expressions on their faces. If it weren't for the facial expressions that resembled the photos of Beyonce's Super Bowl performance, they would probably just look like regular ol' women. Regular ol' women in $4,500 Jedi gear and Rick Owens x adidas sneakers.

After seeing the below Instagram video, it's safe to assume that the women who walked the show are part of a stepping troupe. As they paraded down the runway, of course the cameras captured intense, expressive faces as they were in the throes of stepping their hearts out. And as we all know, it's tough to not look like a crazy person when you're dancing your ass off.

For his men's spring/summer '14 show, Owens had punk band Winny Puhh perform as models walked the runway. Dude loves to incorporate the unexpected and the musical into his theatrical shows.

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