Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby Discuss Their Friendship and Partnership

Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby have formed an unlikely but lasting friendship and partnership.

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Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby first met in 2005, and both felt an instant connection they knew would last. What they might not have known then is that the friendship would lead to a creative partnership. For Raf Simons' Fall/Winter 2014 collection, the two collaborated on a collection that, according to Simons, was a complete joint venture. "There is not one shirt, one shoe, one sock that is not from our mutual thinking process," he said.

In the latest issue of T Magazine, the designer and the artist discuss their kinship, a rarity for both dudes. “In fashion, there are very few people I trust, even if we are friends,” Simond told T. "With Sterling I felt right away that I can talk about anything.” Read the full article here, and send out some praying hands emojis that these two continue to work together.

[via T Magazine]

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