Maison Martin Margiela Supplied All of Kanye West's Outfits for the "Yeezus Tour"

The fashion house has contributed to the wild spectacle of the "Yeezus Tour."

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When we tracked the evolution of Kanye West's onstage outfits, it was an exercise that would hopefully clue us in on what Ye had planned to wear on the "Yeezus Tour," which kicked off last weekend with a wild show in Seattle. That sartorial path has now led to a complete tour wardrobe supplied by Maison Martin Margiela, including the four masks and ripped pants. Telegraph is reporting that the French fashion house supplied Yeezy with "10 couture pieces, 20 ready-to-wear pieces, and an 'exclusive' pair of trainers." 

If the Seattle performance is any indication of what attendees can expect, then it looks like cities around the country will soon host Jesus, a mountain, and numerous outfit changes that are all very advanced looks more befitting a staged spectacle than a stroll down the block. From what we've seen, the clothing is an integral part of the extravaganza, and it's no surprise that Margiela is the label behind the dramatic silhouettes, wild graphics, and, of course, the masks.

However, after Virgil Abloh Tweeted out the below, we wonder if this means that we're in for more Margiela gear? It could mean that the elaborate DONDA-produced stage set will be different for other tour stops, but maybe Ye has more MMM looks up his drapey sleeves. Only one way to find out.

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[via Telegraph]

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