As the "Yeezus Tour" kicks off tomorrow, people are as amped as possible to see a live performance from Kanye that, to employ an overused word, should be epic. And one element of the overall experience that always looks to outdo its past incarnation is the outfit Kanye rocks while onstage.

There might not be a rapper whose sound has evolved further from its beginnings than Kanye West's. When you first heard College Dropout, did you ever think the sounds of Yeezus would be blaring from your speakers about a decade later? And the same is true of Kanye's style. When Ye first wore pastels and Polo while rapping, no one could foresee custom Givenchy kilts in the near future.

And yet that's why we're transfixed by Yeezy's constant style updates. His manner of dress has humble roots in classic streetwear and new American prep, but now he dines with Anna Wintour and chills with Riccardo Tisci. From day one, Kanye has made fashion as much a part of his artistry as music, and we're never quite sure what's coming next.

To see how he's traveled down this stylish road, we tracked the development of Yeezy's onstage get-ups. Whether Ye is performing in front of millions or a few dozen, the look on his back is never far from the overall experience he seeks to deliver. And if you thought "Through the Wire" is a far cry from "New Slaves," wait until you see the accompanying style. From Polos shirts to Celine silk tops and beyond, this is The Evolution of Kanye West's Onstage Outfits.

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