Complex Speaks With A$AP Ferg on His Hero Ralph Lauren, Festival Essentials, and Trap Lord Condoms

A$AP Ferg spoke with Complex while down at Bonnaroo and geeked out about his style hero.

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A$AP Ferg took a few minutes out from a wild time down at Bonnaroo to speak with Complex News about his style hero Ralph Lauren. The Harlem native clearly and correctly holds Lauren at legend status, and his knowledge of the designer's clothing offerings and biography is serious. Taking cues from Ralph, perhaps, Ferg also spoke about the Trap Lord line, which is expanding from tour merch to a full-fledged line. He even wondered out loud if he should get into the prophylactic game. Watch the video above to hear Ferg wax poetic about RL, music festival essentials, and upcoming collaborations with Trap Lord.

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