CEO of American Apparel Dov Charney Sued for Throwing Dirt at Employee

Worse than being treated like dirt?

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A lawsuit was filed last week suing DovCharney, the CEO of AmericanApparel, for choking a store manager, throwing dirt at him, and hurling an anti-gay slur. The store manager attempted to file a complaint against Charney through company channels, and believes that he was fired for doing so. A lawyer for Charney and the clothing company said that the store manager's statements were "contrived and untrue." Dov Charney is no stranger to controversy, but this is the first lawsuit in recent memory that was brought upon him by a man.

The beef between the former Malibu store manager and Dov began last April, when the CEO thought the manager was working with a competitor. Below is an excerpt from the official complaint. Our favorite part is that Dov made sure to snag an associated woman's digits while verbally fucking this dude up:


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