Interview: Cam'ron and Juju Closed Out the Mark McNairy Fall/Winter 2014 NYFW Show, and They Were Incredible

"My life is a catwalk."

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Fresh off debuting four custom capes to kick off Killa Cape Season, Cam'ron and Juju walked the runway today at Mark McNairy's fall/winter 2014 show at New York Fashion Week. After a parade of models showed off the NYC-based designer's collection, which as always had too many standout pieces to keep track of, Killa Cam and his partner-in-crime Juju headed down the catwalk rocking a classic suit with a fun shirt underneath and one of his new custom capes. 

Last season, Cam'ron and Juju were sitting front row to take in the spring/summer gear modeled by the likes of Pusha T and Nick Wooster. After Danny Brownclosed the debut spring/summer 2013 show, Pusha T walked last September, and his ongoing work with Pharrell continues to flourish, McNasty kept up his streak of courting hip-hop's finest to partake in his classic menswear meets fuck you sensibilities with rap's reigning couple shutting down a dope collection. 

We were able to step backstage and interview Cam before the show.

Do you have a favorite cape?
I think this goes best with the outfit, but right now, my favorite is the camouflage one.

With the mesh lining?
Yeah, that joint was tough.

Are you going to wear them out in the streets?
Yeah, I was wearing capes in the street even before this came about. This is why this is part of this fashion week because they seen me on Instagram rocking the cape.

Killa cape season?
Absolutely. You already know about it, I see.

Is today opening day?
It was opening day Feb 2 after the Super Bowl. That’s when the streets got it. I don’t know when we’re going to put them on sale yet, I don’t know when they’ll be on sale for everybody, but it’s been opening day for me for about 10 days.

Have you been a fan of Mark McNairy’s stuff?
Yeah, definitely. Miss Info put me on when Deirdre [one of McNairy's business partners] invited me last year, and then me and Deirdre connected and I seen some of Mark’s stuff and Dame kind of reintroduced me to Deirdre even though we knew each other, follow each other and stuff. She heard about the capes and thought me and Mark should collaborate and it came out dope.

Do you want to do something else with Mark?
Right now, let’s focus on this. I don’t want to jump the gun. I don’t know his schedule, and I don’t know my schedule right now. But I would love to work with him again. Definitely.

Is Juju walking today?
Yeah she’ll be walking.

Is this her catwalk debut?
Yeah, it is.

And yours too right?

What do you think?
I mean, the thing is with me, my life is a catwalk. Everything is a catwalk for me. I walk to the store and that’s a catwalk. So to me, this is pretty much easy. I’m excited actually.

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