Here Is the Amazing "F*ck Donald" T-Shirt Ben Baller Is Wearing Courtside Tonight

Here's an amazing T-shirt about Donald Sterling that we all want. Where to cop, Ben Baller?

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Ben Baller has made a career out of making statement pieces, but this might be his greatest (and most affordable) yet.

The jeweler took to Instagram to show off the greatest T-shirt that's been created in the wake of Donald Sterling being exposed as a walking racist lump of breathing scum. Along with "Princess Cut Canary diamonds and glacier blue diamonds for the Pacific Ocean" and a pair of Shanghai Jordan Vs, the Cali-based jeweler is going to let his feelings known as he sits courtside tonight at L.A.'s Staples Center while taking in Game 5 of the L.A. Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors series right behind the Clippers bench. We doubt anyone will take offense at the tee's statement, but he still jokingly pleaded for the Staples Center not to ban him for life.

We only have one question: Where can we cop?

[via Instagram]

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