American Apparel Drops Its Noted Creep CEO Dov Charney

American Apparel has ousted its controversial CEO Dov Charney after an investigation into his behaviors.

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Wednesday night, after its annual meeting, American Apparel's Board of Directors decided to drop the company's CEO Dov Charney. The decision "grew out of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct," according to the Board. The investigation apparently was begun earlier this year after new information came to light about Charney's ongoing troubles with sexual harassment and the treatment of his employees. A source familiar with the situation told the L.A. Times the behavior in question "involved his personal conduct with women and poor judgement."

Supposedly, this came as a total surprise to Charney. But if you're going to literally rub dirt in an employee's face and call him a "fucking Jew" and a "fucking fag," plus withstand numerous lawsuits that allege sexual harassment and other creepy behavior with your employees, is it possible to be shocked? “He’s going to fight like hell to get this company back, but he won’t succeed," the L.A. Times' source said.

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