Kanye West Vs. Jimmy Kimmel Beef Inspires New Been Trill And Pyrex Collections

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So, let's imagine for a second you're living under a rock and didn't see last night's Kanye West Twitter rant regarding Jimmy Kimmel. Actually, let's back up. Earlier this week, Yeezus gave the interview of a lifetime, saying all sorts of amazing and flagrant shit—as he is prone to do—about fashion, culture and music. In response, Jimmy Kimmel spoofed the interview by having child actors play both the role of Kanye and the interviewer, Zane Lowe. Not that surprisingly, Kanye did not appreciate that shit and for the better part of an hour last night vented his frustrations via social media and self-generated memes. In the mix were accusations that Jimmy Kimmel has never had good pussy, that his ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman is funnier than he is and that, in general, he is a MMM. No, not a Maison Martin Margiela, but a "manipulative media motherfucker". Now, as you all know, we love Kanye, which is why we're amazed and thrilled to see that these tweets have already been sent through the DONDA pipeline and made into T-shirts and flannels ready to be bought and worn by the public in support of Ye's creative revolution. As Kanye stated in his interview, based on the current status quo, he only has the resources to make T-shirts, which, while unfortunate, does explain the amazingly fast turnaround of what is being called the "#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK#" collection, which we imagine is set to hit stores sometime this fall*.

*Of course this shit is fake


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