Watch Sacai's 2022 Autumn/Winter Collection Show

Sacai has unveiled it's Autumn/Winter collection which also includes a collaboration with Cartier to a newly designed Trinity ring that's also featured.

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Sacai has unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, which comes with countless unique pieces and a collaboration between the brand and Cartier.

Embracing Sacai’s core principles of “love, fidelity, and friendship,” designer Chitose Abe exaggerates and reduces common fits in many of the different pieces in this collection. In the show that you can watch above, models are seen walking down the runway in a series of padded garments, tracksuits, sweaters, and more. 

“Abe’s enchantment with the story of Cartier’s Trinity and the sentiments of love, fidelity, and friendship on which it is founded, leads to a play with the near century-old form, exploring how the shape changes in movement-the distance between the rings serving as a metaphor for the tension between the values of fidelity and betrayal-capturing and freezing it as if in motion,” a press release reads.

Also included in the collection is the aforementioned collaboration with Cartier. When talking about how she intended to incorporate the Trinity ring, Abe explained that the design was rooted in the different ways it can be worn.

“It goes back to the idea of my clothes,” Abe said. “There are many different ways to wear them. I wanted to apply that theory to the design of Trinity—the individuality in how to wear the piece.”

Sacai also recently joined forces with ACRONYM for their Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Check out some of the different unique looks from the show below.

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