Fashion Nova's Push Notification Comparing Men to 1-Day Shipping Sale Has People Laughing

Fashion Nova has people laughing at their latest marketing push notification that had a wild joke to promote their 1-day shipping deal that expires soon.

fashion nova newsletter reacts
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fashion nova newsletter reacts

In a digital marketplace that stuffs consumers’ phones with endless messages about the latest deals and sales, it’s important for companies to find some way to separate themselves from the rest.

Luckily for Fashion Nova, they must have some pretty funny people in their digital marketing department after a recent push notification message got a lot of people talking and laughing.

Fashion Nova is promoting a new deal for 1-day shipping on their products and in order to really make a lasting impact on their consumers, they included a funny joke in a recent push notification that went out to all of their mobile subscribers.

“Fashion Nova: What Do Men & FREE 1-DAY SHIPPING Have In Common?” the mass message reads. “Sometimes They Don’t Last Long!! HURRY, Get FREE 1-DAY Shipping TODAY ONLY.”

Even though the joke might have come at the slight expense of Fashion Nova’s male constituents, the friendly jab clearly did its job of getting people to pay attention to their push notifications and remember that the deal will expire soon. 

“Fashion Nova chose violence this morning,” one Twitter user commented.

Check out what others had to say about Fashion Nova’s creative push notification marketing approach down below.



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