Theophilus London Talks Working with Virgil Abloh and Kanye West on ‘Vintage Shopping’ with Jazzelle

In the latest episode of 'Vintage Shopping,' Theophilus London talks with host Jazzelle about working with Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and Karl Lagerfeld.

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Episode 3 of Vintage Shopping features none other than the rapper, singer, and songwriter Theophilus London. He and Jazzelle link up at Squaresville, an accessible vintage shopping space located in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, owned and operated by Reiko. London is sporting a colorblocked look made up of an LHG button-up, bright blue trousers and a customized “Bebey” fitted cap. 

You never know what type of journey vintage shopping is going to take you on, so to simplify his shopping experience, he and host Jazzelle opt to look out for essentials. While rummaging through the racks of Squaresville, the musician clues us into one of his favorite vintage pieces—a Halston blazer previously owned by famed pop artist, Andy Warhol. Outside of being a musician, London has been linked to many fashion favorites including the late Karl Lagerfeld (who London was once a muse for), Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent, Kanye West (with whom he frequently collaborates with), and Virgil Abloh of Off-White and Louis Vuitton Menswear. Abloh and London recently collaborated on a six-piece Off-White collection that incorporated artwork from his third studio album “Bebey.” 

In speaking on his methods of vintage shopping, the singer said, “I used to be like one of those kids that was like, ‘Ew, that’s nasty, somebody wore that?’ ‘That’s dirty—it smells!’ I think it’s like a bug that bites you, you become a thrift shopper. You might find one thing from that store that day, but that one thing, that one item can change your day. It can make you happy.” London goes on to share his thrift shop “do’s and don’ts” with Jazzelle, wrapping up the episode with a haul that includes a Vanson Suzuki GSXR leather jacket, a Rugby pullover, a jersey style mesh tee and a long sleeve beach pullover. Peep the latest episode of Vintage Shopping to learn more about London’s shopping experience at Squaresville.

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