How to Do Champion’s ‘Reverse Renegade’ Dance With TikTok Star Jalaiah Harmon

Champion celebrates Reverse Weave Week by teaming up with the original Renegade TikTok dance creator Jalaiah Harmon.

Champion Reverse Renegade Dance

Image via Champion

Champion Reverse Renegade Dance

Woah, TikTok’s beloved Renegade is back. In honor of Reverse Weave Week, Champion is relaunching the viral dance trend… but this time in reverse. The brand teamed up with the dance’s original creator Jalaiah Harmon — who has garnered nearly three million followers — to immediately give her the spotlight.

You can watch the TikTok star’s new version of the dance in the video below, where you’ll catch her sporting Champion’s iconic Reverse Weave sweatshirt and sweatpants. The partnership is inspired by the anniversary of the Reverse Weave patent, which was finalized on this special day October 14, 1952.

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Though the patent for the Reverse Weave we know today was established in the ‘50s, Champion’s Reverse Weave technology actually dates to the ‘30s when the original patent was established. In response to complaints by coaches about cotton sweatshirts, Champion introduced the novel idea of turning the fabric 90 degrees to eliminate vertical shrinkage and address other issues with fit, durability, and cost. Over time, the innovation made a significant impact in fashion, celebrity style and sports, even leading MoMA to include a Reverse Weave hoodie in its 2017 “Is Fashion Modern?’’ exhibit as one out of the 111 items that have shaped history.

Champion TikTok Jalaiah Harmon

Knowing that, are you ready to make history of your own with Champion and TikTok’s Harmon by your side? Beyond catching up on the story behind Reverse Weave’s iconic heritage and watching the new Reverse Renegade dance moves, fans will also have the chance to own a piece of the action. Champion is dropping 52 exclusive hoodies with the brand’s logo reversed – which they’ve never done before – and giving people the chance to win one of their own.

From now until October 19, viewers can learn the Reverse Renegade dance and post their take on TikTok or Instagram Reels to enter the contest. Additionally, participants must follow Champion on TikTok and Instagram, use the hashtag #ReverseRenegade, tag Champion, and mention a friend to loop them into the challenge, too. All winners will be chosen at random by midnight PST on October 19.

Champion Reverse Weave Week Sweats

What are you waiting for? It’s time to break out those dance moves. And if you want to post your Renegade video in style, make sure to snag some Reverse Weave goodies of your own first. The unisex Reverse Weave collection comes in a range of colors, cuts and fits, with all items made to last. From creating TikTok videos to a day out with friends, Champion has your back with stylish athleisure wear you’ll want to wear everywhere.

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